Puppies together

Amaya and her sister Willow, always by each others side because they love each other so much

Very sweet natured

Such a cute little girl our darling Amaya and she is such a good girl because her new family have told me she is so well behaved

Cheeky Girl

Always biting my finger, sweet Willow

Our beautiful family

Willow Demi Pippa Amaya and mummy Ella

One of the cheeky puppies

Can always rely on Willow to chew my finger

Adorable because they just are

Our beautiful girls Demi Ella and Pippa

On the move, Willow and she is so fast and funny

Loving sisters

Amaya with her big sister Pippa, they have the same mummy and daddy

Dont you bite my bum baby sister

Pippa with her baby sister Amaya