Willow loves to show off her teeth because they are so beautiful and because she is very cheeky

Always smiling, always so happy and Willow is very playful, she loves her tug toys and will play all day

Im going to eat my let mummy, noooooo please dont do that Willow because you need it haha

Go on tell me just tell me yes I know I am so so cute and I know it because my mummy tells me every day

Yippeeee give me chicken I love chicken so much because it is so tasty and it is good for me

Oh beautiful Willow what a beautiful pose, you know you are so adorable don’t you, yes mummy I know because you are too

Pippa with her beautiful mummy Ella. Pippa is big sister to Amaya and Willow they have the same mummy and daddy

Roar roar roar I’m a big fierce lion, oh no you’re not Willow you are a cute Coton de Tulear puppy and we love you so much because you are so funny